Executive Board


Micah Martin

Micah Martin is a third year Computing Security student at RIT. He competes on the school's CCDC team and loves helping with and competing in security competitions. Micah's technical focus is primary on Linux systems and email servers. He loves helping out the community and learning with others. If he isn't sleeping in the computer labs, he can be found sleeping out in the woods. You can contact him at mmartin@sparsa.org.

Vice President of Research

Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark is a 4th year Computing Security major. His focuses revolve around web security and he's just begun diving into blockchains. Before joining the security world he used to be a lobster cook.

Vice President of Practices

Kyle Carretto

The Vice President of Practices...

Director of Public Relations

Brandon Dossantos

The Director of Public Relations...


Josh Stuts

The Treasurer...


Russell Babarsky

Russell Babarsky is a third-year computing security major. His passion lies in pen testing and exploit development. Besides security, he enjoys hiking, baseball, and listening to music.

Academic Advisor

Bo Yuan

The Academic Advisor...